"80% Cheaper Than Replacing Your uPVC Fixtures"

uPVC Fixtures Painting Process

Our Paints allows you to paint your doors and windows in a variety of different colors and stay on trend without having to worry about premature fading and discoloration !

Your windows using our industrial-strength coating to give them the same look and durability as brand-new windows !

Our solution is much more affordable than completely replacing them, and its a quick and easy way to accent the features of your home and enhance curb appeal !


Steps involve in uPVC windows painting: 

  1. Remove Old Caulking.
  2. Mask & Protect.
  3. Light Sanding/ Cleaning.
  4. Prep with Cleansing Solution.
  5.  Paint Application.
  6.  Remove Masking.
  7.  Apply New Caulking.

How to paint UPVC and aluminum windows.


  • Painting uPVC and aluminum windows is the solution to paying the expensive price of replacing them just for a color change!
  •  We clean/scuff the surface of your windows to remove the dust, strikers, shine that prevents optimal paint adhesion.
  •  We remove all traces of left-over dust and particles to create a smooth, clean surface for paint application.
  • Spray paint your windows with our coating (Special Paint+ Hardner + Height Quality thinner.
  • Once painting is completed, we remove all masking and finish the look by applying new caulking.
  • We do a final clean-up and make sure your property is as clean as it was when our team first arrived!


Done in time:

Changing uPVC are very frustrating and time taking process. If you choose to simply update the uPVC paint on your existing conservatory, the job can be complete incredibly quickly – as uPVC paint dries within one hour and cures inside of one day. There is also no need for a large amount of equipment or heavy machinery which saves time and money.

Neat and tidy:

With so little to arrange, no parts to fit and no teams of builders or installation specialists on site, mess and fuss is kept to a minimum and your conservatory will be left looking as good as new after minimal effort.

A Good Look:

uPVC windows can look a little tacky and dated, and shows dirt easily, so those with older conservatories may be considering a replacement simply to keep their home looking up to the minute. uPVC spray painting that whatever your dream conservatory may look like, you’ll be able to achieve it with little disruption and at a fraction of the cost. 

Low Cost:

uPVC spray painting is officially 80% cheaper than opting for a complete replacement – and that’s not even counting the time and effort that will be saved. Choosing HOMEZIST for your painting job that also means that your paint job will come with a Five-year warranty.